Helping to build the foundation

for a happier, healthier you

A personalized approach towards wellness

now offering in-person and virtual services.

Helping to build the foundation for a happier, healthier you

As two people juggling personal (i.e. children, partner and social relationships) and professional commitments, we relate to the challenges that come with balancing home life, work life and unforeseen life events.

Over the course of our lives, each one of us will need supportive services from time to time. We encourage you to prioritize your self-care and invest in your wellness.

Using a non-judgemental and person-centered approach to counselling, we will help you build the foundation for a happier, healthier you.

Choose to put yourself first and make you a priority. It's not selfish, it's necessary.

- Kesha Jade


We are Canadian Certified Counsellors with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

We recognize that collaborative relationships between counsellors and clients are foundational to our work.

We acknowledge that you are the expert in terms of your lived experiences.

We endeavor to help you identify your goals as well as solutions to the problems that are challenging your wellness.

Jennifer Hynes - C.C.C.

Jennifer holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

Offering an inclusive, non-judgmental space for clients to ​share struggles and achieve understanding of personal ​goals, she works with couples and individuals (youth and ​adults) using a client-centered approach to counselling.

Jennifer is a certified relationship coach and her couples ​counselling is based primarily on the developmental model. ​Her individual counselling services support an integrative ​approach to therapy with focus on cognitive behavioral ​(CBT), strengths-based, mindfulness and biopsychosocial ​approaches.

Jennifer offers services in couples counselling, anxiety, ​stress management, depression, addiction, trauma and ​grief.

Robyn Breen - C.C.C.

Robyn holds a Master of Education (Counselling Psychology).

Working in service to others, she celebrates diversity, ​promotes inclusion and values equity. She is committed to ​helping others identify their goals as well as a personalized plan ​to action change.

Utilizing a culturally sensitive and person-centered approach, ​Robyn draws from a variety of therapies including but not ​limited to cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, strength-​based and trauma-focused therapies.

She offers virtual counselling services to adults seeking ​support with addiction, anger management, anxiety, coping ​skills, depression, grief, loss, life transitions, relationship issues, ​self-harm, self-esteem, self-identity, stress and trauma.


At West Coast Counselling Services, we have worked very hard to create a comfortable, inviting space. It is our sincere hope that you feel comfortable in our private reception and counselling areas.

Healthcare costs and fees health concept.

insurance & fees

Our fees are based on recommendations set by our professional associations.

individual therapy

couples counselling

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50-minute Individual Session $120

60-minute Couples Session $150

Please note that professional counselling services in Canada are subject to HST.

Forms of Payment

We accept cash, credit card or electronic money transfer (EMT).

Payment is due at the time of the session and a receipt will be issued for tax and insurance provider reimbursement purposes.

Our services are supported by, but not limited to, the following big brand companies/programs*:

*Some companies allow for direct-billing while others provide reimbursement to the client.

*Please check with your specific insurance company and Employee Assistant Program (EAP) to see if sessions are covered and learn

of their specific requirements. Some insurance companies, for example, may require a physician referral.

*Please ensure that your provider approves payment for certified counsellors.


cancellation policy

Our working hours are very valuable and in demand, prompting the following policies regarding cancellation or no shows.

Minimum 24 hours notice required for cancellations.

First time missing an appointment without prior 24 hour notice, the client (or parent/guardian) will be notified by letter of our company policy. The appointment may be rescheduled at no additional charge.

If a second scheduled appointment is missed without the required notice, the full fee will be charged. We trust you understand.

confidentiality policy

Personal information is collected solely for the purpose of maintaining records.

All information is protected by industry standards as set out in The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


All information regarding treatment (including all verbal and/or written exchanges) will be kept confidential, except under the following circumstances, as set out by CCPA Standards of Practice:

    • the client indicates imminent danger to self or others
    • the counsellor/therapist has reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable elder
    • client records or disclosure is ordered by a court of law
    • a client requests disclosure; or
    • a client files a complaint or claims professional liability by the counsellor/therapist in a lawsuit.

Please note that in the spirit of maintaining confidentiality, the counsellor will not initiate contact with any client in any private or public setting outside of treatment. The client may, however, initiate public contact outside of therapy based on their comfort level.

Treatment Consultation

Informed consent is required for communication regarding treatment with others, including other health care professionals. This consent can be provided verbally or in writing.

Please do not email or call if you are currently in crisis, as we cannot guarantee an immediate response. If you are in crisis, please call emergency services at 9-1-1.

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